Summer SMS

1.Na Muskurane Ko G Chahta Hai.
Na KHANE Pine Sone Ko G Chahta Hai.
Ye Garmi Ab BARDAST Nai Hoti.
Bas Ab to AC LANE Ko G Chahta Hai

ENGLISH Friendship MSG

" A line said by a frnd 2 his Frnd.
aftr both got busy in their livz..
and did nt contct each other...
Missd ur smile a lot....
bt,I missd my own smile more..... "

" There Was A Time.
When V Used To Tell Friends..
Let us Meet and Plan Something...
Now V Say ....
Let us Plan and Meet Someday.....
Friends r Same Time Has Changed...... "

" A Friend Is One Special Person.
Who Can Pull Out A Happy Tear..
From Your Eye Even If...
You Don t Have Tears To Cry.... "

" If You Angry with your Loveable Friend.
Just Put aside you Egos..
Just Hug Each Other and Say...
I Need You Idiot, at least to Fight With Me.... "

" Gettng a frnd is like Sunrise it happns daily.
Gettng a true frnd is like rain it ocurs yearly..
But Gettng someone like u is like TSUNAMI...
such disasters R rare.... "

ENGLISH Friendship SMS

" Being a friend is not just sharing a joke.
a conversation, a cup of coffee or..
a funny story. It means sharing an...
honest and true part of yourself.... "
" Friendship is a silent gift of nature.
More old...more strong..
More deep...more clear...
More close...more warm....
Less words...more understanding..... "
" Make a heart which never breaks.
make a smile which never hurts..
make a touch which never pains...
make a friendship which never ends.... "
" Freindship happens inside the heart.
Slient.. Unwritten...Unnbreakable by distance..
Unchangeable by time...
Once a Friend, always a Freind.... "
" A deep friend is like rainbow.
when the perfect amount of happiness..
and tears r mixed, the result is...
a colorful bridge between 2 hearts.... "

Santa Banta MSG new

"Santa :- aaj TV pe 30 feet ka Saap dikhange.
banta :- par me nahi dekh sakunga.
santa :- par kyo?.
banta :- mera TV to shirf 21 Inch ka hi :P"

" SANTA-: Aaj maine machar ko confused kar diya.
BANTA-:wo kaise?..
SANTA-: Maine machardani bedroom main laga diya...
Aur main hall me so gaya, lolzzzzzz :P.... "

" Banta:Chaku Kyo Ubaal Rahe Ho?.
Santa: Suicide Karne Ke Liye..
BANTA: Phir Ubaalne Ki Kya Zarurat?...
SANTA: Kahi Infection Na Ho Jaye :P.... "


Santa Banta SMS new

" Wife: aap Bahut Mote Ho gaye ho.
santa: Tum b To kitni Moti Ho gai Ho..
wife: mai to maa Banne wali hu...
Santa: Mai b to Baap banne wala hu..... "
" AutoWala- Bus Stop Tak Ke 50/Rs.
Santa- Samaan Bhi Hai Saath Me..
AutoWala- Samaan Free Hai...
Santa- OK, Samaan Le Chal....
Mai Paidal Aata Hu..... "
" Santa-agar tumhe 1lakh mile to kya kroge?.
Banta-to mai khusi se pagal ho jaunga aur..
zindgi bhar apna treatment karaunga.... :P :"